iPad Program

Why an iPad for Learning?

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Essential Skill Areas

Complex Communication
New Media Literacy
Self-Directed Learning


Higher levels of student engagement

Personal Response - More than one right answer
Clear/Modeled Expectations - Know what success "looks like"
Emotional/Intellectual Safety - Freedom to take risks
Learning with Others (Affiliation) - Social component
Sense of Audience - Student work is shared
Choice - Students have meaningful options
Novelty and Variety - Learning experiences are unusual or unexpected
Authenticity - Connections to experience or prior learning


Maximize Benefits


iPad FAQ

Absolutely. Not only can students take the iPad home, they are expected to take it home each night. The iPad will be used not only for in-class work but also for homework assignments. Many assignments will be unique to the iPad experience and cannot be replicated on any other device.

Yes. Students will be charged a flat fee of $20 per school year.

Purdy School District makes every effort to use a value-added approach to digital textbooks. While many textbook publishers are developing textbooks for use with the iPad, not all of our course materials are currently available in digital format. We expect to have both digital and printed textbooks for next year. We are hoping to move to digital formats as soon as the best materials are available.

Purdy School District owns the iPads and will loan them to the students as a tool to support their learning experience. Students will be expected to bring them to school fully charged each day and have them in class just as they would for any other required material. As a technology device, the iPads fall under the Acceptable Use Policy articulated in the student handbook.

No. One of the advantages of the iPad is that it has sufficient memory to store textbooks and other materials required for homework, making it unnecessary to have Internet access at home. Naturally, an available connection at home will enable a student to use his/her iPad for Internet research, access files stored in the cloud, and to complete some assignments. The school will provide filtered Internet access on campus. The iPads will not have cellular connectivity.

The iPad is Purdy School District property and is loaned to the student for the school year. Students are ultimately responsible for the care of the device. If the school-issued iPad is lost or damaged, the family will be responsible for the device per the iPad Check-Out Agreement.

Yes. Students will have a help desk available during late-start Mondays. You also can receive free technology support from an Apple specialist by calling 1-800-275-2273 or visiting the Apple Care Support page. Any attempts to make repairs by another vendor or third-party will void the user agreement and you will be assessed the full replacement fee.

Purdy School District will provide the apps required for classroom instruction. Students will have access to downloading additional free or paid apps at their discretion. However, students will have to manage the responsibility of leaving enough free space to receive district-provided apps.

Yes. Every student will be provided a district email address.                                                                                                                     

Each student will need his/her own Apple ID for use with the iPad. Students can use existing Apple IDs and do not need to create a school-specific one for their iPad. Siblings, however, cannot share the same Apple ID and should create their own. One Apple ID per person works best.

If your child does not already have and know their Apple ID, please follow one of these two steps:

1. If your child is 13 or older, you can create an Apple ID here.
2. If your son or daughter will be under 13 at the start of this school year, please complete     this form to begin the request process for your child’s Apple ID. After completing the         form, Apple will send you an email with further directions on setting up an Apple ID for       your child. Please set up the new ID before school starts.

You can refer to this Apple ID Instruction Page for more information.

We stay ahead of the learning your child needs to be successful in a rapidly changing world. 

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