Experience the freedom to change lives.

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A place where you're supported.


Our leadership is accessible.


One on one mentoring.


Engaged in the learning process.

A place where you make an impact. 

Small Class Sizes

Have the time to give students the attention they need.

Educational Autonomy

Have the freedom to explore new techniques.

The Process

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Become An Eagle

A place where you can feel fullfilled.

Low Stress

No big bureaucracy for you to navigate.

Feel Appreciated

 We care, and you’ll know it.

Follow Your Instincts

You’re prepared, and we trust you.

Impact students lives without ringing yourself dry.

The problem is, at many schools there are just too many barriers.

At Purdy, we know how frustrating that can be.
Which is why we’ve created an environment where educators can follow their instincts, students have agency over their own learning, and parents don’t have to worry whether their kids will be prepared or not.

So, if you want the freedom to change kids lives in a supportive environment, become an Eagle today. 

Live a life that matters.
We stay ahead of the learning your child needs to be successful in a rapidly changing world. 

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